Our Vision


At Council Tree we believe Christ is the source of life. Our call is to place him first in all that we do and follow him above all else. God the Father sent Jesus to rescue us from the way of destruction and show us something better. This is done through the gift of his Spirit and the Word of God. Among many avenues, we believe Sunday morning is paramount to understanding the heart of Christ, being formed by him in the context of community, and leaning how to use the gifts he has given us to heal a broken world.


Our desire is that each person involved at Council Tree experience deep rich community. We believe every human is designed to be connected in a way where they can be known, receive care, and grow to maturity in Christ. This can happen through many avenues such as consistent participation in worship, spiritual formation, small groups, ministry teams, and through the many other groups that meet regularly through the year.


We believe every person has a special role to play based on their history, gifts, passions, and current place in life to bring healing to a broken world. When we grow in Christ we gain new vision, seeing the world through his eyes, being directed and empowered by him to love supernaturally. Though everyone is encouraged to live this out in their own context, we also provide specific ways to to serve through Faith Family Hospitality, Stephen Ministry, Nicaragua, Kid’s Hope, Benevolence, Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Greenhouse, Community Supported Agriculture, etc.