Congratulations! How very exciting that you have chosen to take this big step together, and we are honored that you would consider our facility as the place to mark your special day. As you are in the process of deciding where the perfect place is for your wedding we hope this brochure gives you an idea of everything that is entailed to have your ceremony held here.

Wedding Brochure


At the Covenant Church we rent both classrooms and our gymnasium based on availability. We also rent our Sanctuary and Chapel for non wedding purposes. (For fees related to weddings, please look under weddings for information). Call the church office to make arrangements. A Liability and Waiver Form will need to be completed and signed as well as the deposit required.

Rental Costs:

Gymnasium usage for practice is $45/hour for a minimum of 2 hours.
Classroom rental is based on the size of the room costing between $25 and $35 per hour.
Sanctuary or Chapel fees depend on the event and length of time.

Renter Responsibility:

The renter is fully responsible for any and all damages to the facility. If any damage occurs, please present a detailed report to the church office immediately. Renter will then be notified regarding the cost of repairs and will be billed accordingly. Renter may not operate the church sound equipment. The above mentioned “Contact” person is responsible for securing and/or providing all extra furnishings required for the activity, i.e., tables, chairs, AV equipment, etc., which is not normally in the rented room. If you are using the facility on the weekend, the renter is responsible for clean up after your event and subject to janitorial fees if it is not adequately cleaned.

Rental Requirements:

Rental Fee: the full amount of the rental fee is due in advance when the event is scheduled on the church calendar.                            
Long Term Rentals: if you have a long term rental, the full amount for the upcoming month is due by the 1st of the month.

Further details of rental requirements will be discussed at time of rental.