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Prayer Chain

The Council Tree Covenant Church Prayer Chain connects people who need prayer with people who pray.

Have a prayer need?
If you have a need for which you would like prayer, you can email Frances Way at prayerrequest@counciltreecovenant.com. She will pass the request via email to the pray-ers as quickly as possible.

How to participate
If you would like to be kept informed of and pray for needs in our body, send an email with your email address to prayerchain_admin@counciltreecovenant.com. It’s as simple as that! You will receive emails describing prayer needs whenever they arrive. We only ask that you keep these prayer requests confidential.

Prayer Chain Guidelines
Please confine prayer chain communications to true prayer needs. Announcements, invitations, mass mailings, etc should be cleared through the church office and sent through the Council Tree Covenant News chain. Also, if you are passing along a prayer request for someone other than yourself or your family, please be sure that you have the other person’s permission to share his or her need. Remember, quite a few people will be praying for these requests. If you would like to confine your prayer request to fewer people, or your need is of an extremely sensitive nature, you may want to consider one of the following: contacting a member of the staff, placing your request in the prayer box at the church, or contacting a member of the prayer team.