Council Tree Mission

The purpose of the mission ministry is to Know Christ and Make Him Known” by supporting local and worldwide mission.  Equally important is for lives in our congregation to be transformed through involvement with mission.
We communicate the mission efforts to the church and invite participation in prayer and care for our partners.  We are stewards of the mission budget.   The Mission Team meets typically the first Monday of the month in a team member’s home or at the church from 6:30 - 8 p.m.  You are welcome to join us - please contact us prior to coming to ensure the time has not changed.

Contact: Peter Way
Staff Leader: Matt Anderson

Our vision - by 2022....

•    We Know Christ and are doing our part to Make Him Known.

•    We seek the Spirit in prayer for all matters and decisions.

•    The missionaries and partners experience vitality, care and support in their work.

•    Lives in our congregation are transformed:

  • Every member of our congregation understands the mission and outreach efforts.

  • Has a relationship with a missionary, ministry partner or outreach effort.

  • Is doing something to advance these efforts as called by God.

•    We are outstanding stewards of God’s resources with a sense of abundance and multiplication of gifts & talents.

•    We foster deep relationships rather than light commitment to many areas.

•    We promote restoration of broken relationships (God, self, community, creation)

•    We have increased our financial support beyond 10% of our budget.


Visit the missionaries we support here.


Mission Partners

Visit our mission partners here.

Rope Teams

The Mission team believes that it would be wonderful for all of us in the congregation to walk alongside a missionary or mission partner. You may not be able to go into the field yourself, but you can be on the team. As you see in this picture of a women’s team heading out for the summit of Everest, a rope team can help accomplish a dangerous and exciting adventure. If you fall or stray in a storm, there is a good chance that you’ll be caught.

Missionaries face many obstacles and opposition. Also, they experience amazing joys as they live on the edge and really trust God’s provision.

Rope teams can consist of individuals, couples, families, small groups, your book group, your baseball team, you name it. A rope team can cross the usual boundaries we have in the church and form new relationships with a common purpose. It’s not necessary to do this with others if you don’t want to, but it is helpful.

How do you join?

  1. Choose a card in the lobby, take it home, and pray about whether this is for you, your family or your group. You are welcome to say: Hey, his isn’t for me, or I want to choose someone else. If so, just bring back the card and hang it back up for someone else to take.

  2. Sign the sheet so we can tell who is on a team or… contact Peter Way email: poogleway@gmail.com to let us know who you selected.

  3. Contact the missionary at the email provided on the card to request their newsletter. Commit to prayer on a regular basis. You define this. Occasionally, send notes of encouragement or share your prayer needs with them. In other words, build a relationship.