Covenant Missions

Our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, spearheads two global missionary efforts.

Covenant World Missions

Covenant World Missions (CWM) facilitates intercultural ministries around the world. They partner with churches and international believers to glorify God’s name by bringing the whole gospel to the whole world. There are opportunities to be involved in many different areas – praying, giving and going.

CWM has an excellent guide for praying for missionaries. If you feel led, choose one of our missionaries and pray for them using this guide.

Covenant World Relief

Covenant World Relief is “an effective, efficient, respected and flexible humanitarian aid ministry in Christ’s name. For 60 years, Covenant World Relief has been equipping churches and communities to help victims of poverty, disease, hunger, war, disasters, and persecution.” They were involved in relief efforts after the 2004 tsunami and the hurricanes that devasted the U.S. coast in 2005. Your gifts to Covenant World Relief can help in these efforts or will feed and equip the poor all over the world. For example, a donation of only $.07 buys a meal for a Ugandan child, $2.50 buys school supplies for a child in Congo, and $5.00 purchases a machete for a farmer. It costs so little to make such a big difference!