Men at Council Tree Covenant

Men at Council Tree seek to develop and deepen God honoring relationships within their family, their places of work, and with other men. We believe that can best happen in an environment of radical surrender to God’s love, a deep commitment to our life together, and honest accountability to one another.
Compelling and vital community is our great hope for transcending an individualistic and privatized faith in order that our gifts and ministries can be exercised for the good of the Body. It is our vision to see men grow deeper in their relationship with God and each other through Bible studies, retreats, spiritual practices, seasonal studies through the Christian year, local and distant work/mission projects, and just having fun together. 


Men’s Tuesday Morning fellowship

We are a group of men who meet for fellowship, prayer, study and breakfast on Tuesday mornings from 6:30 – 8:00 am. You’re welcome to join us for the short or long-term. Why join? Men tend to be Lone Rangers, doing life and its many issues by themselves. This is a place to connect and equip each other to be the men Christ expects us to be in His kingdom. We have:

  • Breakfast – you prepare a great breakfast for the group once every 9 to 10 weeks. That’s right, the rest of the time you eat! We also have the “Coffee Only Plan”, for those who don’t want breakfast.

  • Prayer – we share concerns and pray for each other.

  • Study – typically, we will select a book of the Bible, or a book that one of us has read and recommends.

Contact: Peter Way