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Wednesdays Sept 19th - Nov 7th  6:30-8pm
In this special time of staff transitions and the third year of our dinner time vision let's gather in small groups at the church to soak in Gods word remembering who we are and excited for where we are going.

Wednesday Sept 19th
Core DNA Night. 
Dinner served by your Staff and Council with each of us telling stories around the table from our life together about...a hero here...a moment when you were most proud of us...when you knew you had found your that says 'this is what we are really all about."...a special moment that gets told over and over. 
These stories will help settle what our core actual values are, so we can articulate and cherish what will never change about us as we live in a world and future that requires so much change. Register for the dinner online.

Wednesday Sept 26th, Oct 3rd, Oct 10th
Small group discussion on John 15 with optional homework provided.
No registration is required.

Wednesday Oct 17th, Oct 24th, (no meeting 31st)
Small group discussion on Isaiah 58 with optional homework provided. 
No registration is required.

Wednesday Nov 7th
Getting to where we are going. 
As we hear big picture vision rolled out Sunday mornings we want this night to be about dreaming on how we can get there. We’ll gather at tables designated for particular aspects of the vision and ask “Here is where we are headed, how are we going to get there?” Then let the imagination and ownership begin! Our next steps will be determined by what comes out of that night.
No registration is required.