Dinner Time!


In 2013, Council Tree entered into a process to bring clarity to who we are and where we sense God taking us.  In collaboration with our vision team, staff and congregation, this has all resulted into two primary goals: 1) reaching our community 2) becoming a better connected body.  

Steps Taken to Move Forward

  1. Three Year Financial Commitment (2016-2018): The church was invited to give “above and beyond” with a goal of $250k. We received 253k in commitments.

  2. Sixty-five people in our congregation participated in a six month experiment (March – August 2016) to see what God would do if we spent more time in prayer, encouragement and training to reach and love the unconvinced in our lives.

  3. We hired a part time Connections Pastor, Vannae Savig.

  4. We hired a part time Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Ministry Coordinator, Erik Savig. Visit our CSA page here.

  5. Teams are being built around Erik and Vannae to support and help move the vision forward. We encourage you to contact them if you want to be involved in what they are doing.

Erik Savig (erik@counciltreecovenant.com
Vannae Savig (vannae@counciltreecovenant.com)


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