Thanks for thinking of serving your community and enjoying the great outdoors with us!  Some people just love to get their hands in the mud! Others love to get invested! Others love to spread the word about it all!  Whether you're thinking of working, leading, donating, partnering, sharing, or more...we need your help!  Many moving parts allow this ministry to thrive, and you play a unique part in it!  Check out all the ways below!

Get Dirty

  • Bring Your Family or Group – Some of the tasks below are great family-friendly activities, or else you can schedule a special time just for your family or group to come work in the garden together.
  • Plant – Especially in the spring and early summer, we have just a couple large planting days to plant all of our seeds and seedlings into the ground. Even if it’s just one time you serve, these are wonderful community days that we require a lot of help for!
  • Harvest – Once it all starts growing, we begin harvesting produce every week! That’s a lot of days to cover throughout a season, so whether you sign up for just one day or to help out every week, it makes a big difference! Our regular harvest days are Tuesday evenings or Saturday mornings.
  • Water – We need people scheduled every morning and evening to do a little extra watering of our seeds in the spring. This gives our seeds the extra boost they need to sprout until our drip system can take over.
  • Tend – Plants need pruning and weeds need pulling. Regular garden maintenance needs to happen, and it can even be done on your own time table. Just coordinate with us, and bring a group together with you if you like as well!
  • Compost – A large group effort is needed in the fall to setup next year’s garden beds…right over our existing turfgrass! To sign up for that big work day or learn and help with our other methods of composting, choose this option! 
  • Drive – We often have extra produce to donate to the Food Bank after a harvest. Drivers choose a Sunday to be on call when we might need that produce delivered. 
  • Pray – We desire to connect with God and what He’s doing in the world. Believing He’s in our work, we want to do that same thing as we pray over our ground and our mission. Find out and be a part of those specific prayers with us.
  • Cook – Have a passion for cooking or finding good recipes? Send a recipe our way, or help us compile recipes and find good cooking opportunities!
  • Organize – Whether you want to help organize a large event, work behind the scenes, or just have trouble working physically, we could use your help!  Even every harvest requires food counts and data entry.
  • Project & Build – This work is more intermittent and usually just needed until a project’s completion. Projects can range from things like creating a new garden bed, to building a trellis, to organizing a tool shed! Got a special skill too? ...Let us know!
  • Research & Invent – Have a passion for quality or creativity? We need your help discovering the best ways to do it all! From the best ways to plant, maintain, or create something new, anything worth doing, is worth doing well!
  • Lead or Intern -  When many serve, each area above requires leaders to bring people together. Whether you’re knowledgeable in one of those areas or just want to learn, we can use leaders in all our work! You can even intern with us!
  • Help Anywhere! – Like what we're doing and open to anything?! ...We need help in all of it, so we’ll fill you in where we need it the most! Or you can just choose your favorite opportunities as they come up - at least this way you'll know about all of them!  

Get Invested

Want to donate or get invested in what we're doing? ...Give your time, money, or resources to help in our efforts! You'll be considered our partner if you regularly do so; or donate over $100 worth in items or money and we’ll advertise our thanks to your organization as well!

  • Time – If you don’t have a specific way to serve in mind (like from the list on the left), offer up service time for you or your group, and we’ll pencil you in where we need the most help!
  • Money  We are a not-for-profit and always have supplies, yearly upkeep, planting costs, and other expenses that we could not actualize without your financial support. Click here to give online, just be sure to write “CSA Ministry” in the memo line!
  • Resources  Tools, equipment, and other materials are needed for us to complete our projects and regularly work the ground we serve on. Offer up what you have or email us to hear some of our most needed items!





Spread the Word

Do you know people who are looking for ways to serve in their community or maybe just enjoy gardening themselves?!  Do you know of others who could benefit from what our garden offers or an organization to help support it? ...Let's make it a community effort to connect and work together! Let us know what information we can share with you and others to spread the word, this joy, and the sense of community we gain among one another.







Have a way to connect, different than all that's listed here too? ...We'd love to hear it!  Contact our CSA Ministry Coordinator at

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