Council Tree Covenant Church
CSA Share Application

*For those who qualify and agree to participate as a working share in our Community Supported Agriculture or pay for their share at a low rate, they will receive a share of our produce during the growing season.

Participant's Name(s) *
Participant's Name(s)
your annual income(s) before taxes
Do you, or does anyone else in your household who's participating, have another source of income? *
If yes, please list them and their gross incomes above
Are you already an active member of another church community?
Phone *
Phone #2
Phone #2
If chosen, would you be willing to come work on the CSA at least once a month during the growing season? *
If there is a time you are unable to work at the CSA, are you willing and able to pay for the produce you receive? *
at a lower than market value rate
Would you be willing and able to come pick up your food each week at the church during the growing season? *
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