Community Groups

Here at Council Tree we believe that living in community is an important part of life. It's also a great way to get connected to our church We have Community Groups that range from small to large and have a various different topics and actives. Check out our groups available in 2019.


Gregory/Way Group

Everyone welcome! We will be studying a book called, “Lessons On Christian Living.” 
In this 8 part study we will learn to recognize the importance of the Bible, the church, good works, witnessing, and daily Christian life.

First Church of the Second Chance

We are a group of people who are learning about spirituality, what we believe, and more.

recently married group

If you have been married less than five years or are just about to be married we'd love to spend six weeks together processing through the magnificent adventure of marriage.  Beginning the first week in February and meeting every other week at our house.  

Women’s Evening Group

All ladies welcome! Gathering , connecting, reading books or the Bible together.

"Young Families” Joe & Amanda Kingry

The Kingry’s are new to the community and in the new year are looking forward to opening up their home to cultivate a community of young families that can grow spiritually and support one another as we navigate this wild ride we call life!

Women’s Coffee Group

Come spend some time getting to know some of the ladies here at Council Tree over a nice cup of coffee. All ladies are welcome!


What is the point of all this?  Is there really a God?  What am I here for? Got questions? Join us for dinner, video, and discussions.

The Mission

Join us once per month to spend time with people at the mission shelter during their chapel service.
There will be time to connect with people, hear their stories, and worship together.

Women’s Hiking Group

All ladies welcome! We get together and go hiking and sometimes snowshoeing (winter months) once a month.  We go on a variety of hikes to match people's skill levels. Feel free to invite friends and kids (on some hikes, depending on hike difficulty).

Thinking about leading a group?
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More Groups will be listed January of 2019



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