Elementary Curriculum
Fall 2018

In Kid’s Church (elementary ages) this fall, we will be experiencing God through imaginative prayer and exploring his truth in learning to study the Bible. Every week students will have multiple opportunities to express their own understanding of each week’s learning. We will be basing our lessons off of the book Imaginative Prayer by Jared Patrick Boyd. As the fall progresses, our focus will follow these truths:

“The most important part of the story is that God loves so many things.
That he loves me.
That when I am lost, he will come looking for me.
That when I am sick, he wants to heal me.
And when I make mistakes, he will always have grace on me.
There is nothing that can separate me from the love of God.

God invites us to live a life of love.
Love looks like being patient ad kind and not making a list of people’s mistakes.
Love looks like inviting people who may be left out.
Love looks like taking care of people when they need help.
We love others with the love that God pours into us.
People will know that we are followers of Jesus because of our love for each other.”

If imaginative prayer is a passion of yours, or if you’d simply like to engage the journey of discovering God with our children, please contact Megan Benedict.